Developmental Changes Observed on the Students Provided Soft Skill Training

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Elimination of child labour is a matter of concern for Government and policy makers along with framers of laws at the national and State level too. It may be presumed that children not attending the school between the age group of five to fourteen are somewhere at work. The Constitution guaranteed them fundamental right to free and compulsory education and on the other hand imposed fundamental duties of the parent or guardian to send their child or ward to school. It is true that due to the governmental efforts and intervention, there has been a steady decline in the incident of child labour in India. This has been indicated in Census 2001 and also by NSSO.

To combat the issue of child labour in India, a National Child labour Project was approved by the Cabinet on 14th August, 1987, during the Seventh Five Year Plan Project. Under the Project, a project based Plan of Action was envisaged. The NCLP was formulated with the basic objective of suitably rehabilitating the children withdrawn from employment and to reduce the incidence of child labour. The Project consists of three main ingredients: I. Legal Action Plan

Emphasis will be laid on strict and effective enforcement of legal provisions relating to child labour under various laws.

II.Focusing of General Development Programme
Utilization of various ongoing development programmes of other Ministries/Departments for the benefit of child labour where as possible.

III.Project based Plan of Action
Launch of projects for the welfare of working children in areas of high concentration of child labour.

Objective of NCLP
According to the Census of 2001, the numbers of child labourers in India are 12.67 millions. Keeping in mind constraints of resources and the prevailing level of social consciousness and awareness, the Government has fixed the time till the end of the 10th Plan to eliminate child labour in the hazardous sector. Elimination of all forms of child labour itself is a progressive process beginning with elimination efforts in the hazardous areas Target Group

Under the scheme, the target groups are all the children below 14 years of age and working in:

• Occupations and processes listed in the Schedule to the Child Labour (Prohibition & regulation) Act, 1986; and / or • Occupations & processes, which adversely affect their health and psyche

According to the Census of 2001, the numbers of child labourers in India are 12.67 millions. It is proposed to adopt a sequential approach with focus on rehabilitation of children working in hazardous occupations in the first instance. Under the scheme, after a survey of child labour engaged in hazardous occupations and processes, and then admitted to special schools (Rehabilitation-cum-Welfare Centers) in order to enable them to be mainstreamed into the formal schooling system. Vocational training is also proposed to be provided under the 10th Plan strategy. Programme Component

Under the National Child Labour Projects, it is proposed to focus on different developmental and welfare programmes for the benefit of child labour in the project area. Effective convergence and an integrated approach of the relevant social sector schemes need to be carried out to achieve the project goals. The activities to be taken up under the project in the 10th Plan are:

• Stepping up the enforcement of laws prohibiting child labour • Expending formal and non-formal education system,
• Promoting school enrolment through various incentives such as payment of stipend, • Made provisions for vocational training,
• Promote income and employment generation activities, • Direct rehabilitation of child labour
• Arising of public awareness, survey and evaluation

Program strategy:
NCLP is an implementing agency for the ILO convergence project. This project is for convergence against child labour. The...
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