Social Marketing Plan

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Our Social Marketing plan mainly includes the awareness of Child Labor in India. This is mainly important because exploitation of children have been taking place for generations now in India. For the development of the country and the children of India, it is very important that everybody are encouraged to get their education. Therefore this is a problem which is on the rise and has to be dealt with seriously, which will result in the improvement of the social and economic conditions of the children as well as country. The problem of child labour exploitation is a major challenge to the progress of developing countries. Children work at the cost of their right to education which leaves them permanently trapped in the poverty cycle, without the education and literacy required for better-paying jobs. This is particularly serious in India as it tops the list with the highest number of child labourers in the world. The 2001 national census of India estimated the total number of child labour, aged 5–14, to be at 17 million. Out of the 12.6 million, 0.12 million engages in hazardous job. However, according to informal labour force statistics, the problem seems to be more severe than reflected. Child labour is estimated to be as large as 60 million in India, as many children are "hidden workers" working in homes or in the underground economy. In the long run, this will evolve to be both a social and an economic problem as economic disparities widen between the poor and educationally backward states and that of the faster-growing states. India has the highest number of labourers in the world under 14 years of age. Although the Constitution of India guarantees free and compulsory education to children between the age of 6 to 14 and prohibits employment of children younger than 14 in any hazardous environment, child labour is prevalent in almost all informal sectors of the Indian economy. Child labour is prevalent mainly in the following sectors in India, such as The Mining Sector, Diamond Industry, Fireworks manufacture, Silk manufacture, Construction, Brick Kilns,Hotels and Dhabas and various Factories. They are also used a lot as Domestic labourers in most of the metropolitan areas. Our plan will include spreading awareness to some of these areas.

Major Causes of child labour:
Many Indian families send their children to work, with some living away from home. Reasons are often associated with poverty, keeping up with the large-size family subsistence and inadequate public education infrastructure. Families generally are also unable to afford their children’s education. Attending school means forgoing a source of income for the family. This is a common problem, especially in the low caste and minorities of India. The demand for child labour further aggravates the situation. Many manufacturing firms and sweatshops are strategically located at poverty-stricken areas to attract children to work as labourers. One example is the textile factory in Delhi where clothes for the International brand “GAP” were manufactured. With profit maximizing objectives, firms are incentivised to employ children rather than adults due to their cheaper wages, higher efficiency and most importantly, absence of union problems. The worst form of child labours would probably be bonded labour. It refers to children who are “sold” by their parents for a petty sum, a loan or to pay off debts. A form of long run employer-slave relationship is formed when these children are tied to this debt bondage to work for their employers for a time period that could be stretched to a lifetime, and usually it is for a minimal or no wages. There has been no universally accepted number of bonded child labourers in India, but one estimate in 2000 shows that there were 15 million child labourers who were bonded. Bonded child labour is practiced widely across many parts of...
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