Social Marketing Plan-the Implementation

Topics: AIDS, Human sexual behavior, Marketing Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Implementation is a part of Social Marketing Plan. It is also called as the summary of the campaign that we will organize. In the other words, it is the basic element that we as social marketers should ensure the significance which is the 4Ws 1H in our planning, such as What is the campaign that we come up for, When the campaigns going to be organize, Who the people that will involve in this campaign, Where the campaign should be conduct and How it is going to be implemented.

As we told earlier, the campaign that we want to conduct is the Say No to the Free Sex Campaign. This campaign is about how to educate people especially the young generation in order to avoid them from being the victim of free sex activity. The programs that involve is including the seminar, exhibition and clinic regarding this campaign and expose them to their right according to the law if they become the victim of this social problem conduct.

When this campaign will be conduct is actually refer to the date and time that suitable for us to conduct the campaign. The date and time is very significant and important in order to ensure the target adopters will have a very much time to come to the campaign with us enjoy the program and learn something from this campaign. If the campaign conducted is not very suitable with their free time, it has probability that it will difficult to attract them to come to the campaign because of their deficiency of time.

Next, who will be involved in this campaign? Of course, the social marketers will be the very important person that directly will involve in this campaign. Social marketers as the ‘deliverer’ of the information in this campaign, also the people that are responsible to ensure the campaign run smoothly and achieve the target objective. The rest will be the visitors or the target adopters. They are also known as ‘receiver’. The people and the target adopters that come to this event is actually the people that will determine...
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