Women Rights in Present Day Scenario..a Preface

Topics: Gratitude, Positive psychology, Brainstorming Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: October 6, 2010
I have great satisfaction in introducing this nationwide evaluation study of the functioning of the National Child Labour Projects (NCLPs) to the policy makers, academicians, government functionaries, NGOs, international agencies and all those who are engaged in the task of prevention and elimination of child labour. This evaluation study was initiated by the V.V.Giri National Labour Institute at the instance of and with the financial support from the Ministry of Labour, Government of India. Prior to the launch of the evaluation, a brain storming session was organised to discuss the sample universe, sample size and the methodology to be adopted for the study. This was attended by most of the collaborating agencies as well as by the Labour Ministry officials. The format of the questionnaire was also discussed, broadly agreed and adopted. In many ways, it is one of those rare efforts which is marked by a complete understanding and harmony of purpose and objectives among all collaborating agencies. The study, which has been conducted and completed within a record time of four months, is an excellent example of cooperative endeavour among a number of institutions and organisations from different parts of the country. It was ambitious to undertake such a massive evaluation study as it encompasses fifty NCLP districts out of a total hundred and located in thirteen different states. The motivation, tenacity and commonality of purpose of the research teams, despite their belonging to divergent organisations helped us to complete the task without obstacles. For all those who participated in the evaluation, the ultimate motivation was the desire to put an end to the evil of child labour. This approach has added special value to this study. The evaluation both in terms of spread and sample size (it covers 524 out of 1976 NCLP schools) is indeed convincingly representative. The varied experiences of the collaborating agencies which have been brought into this study, the...
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