Development of a Framework for Macro Stress Testing of UK Banks

Topics: Credit risk, Credit rating, Regression analysis Pages: 42 (14558 words) Published: January 8, 2013
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Course| FINA1037: Dissertation (PG:ACC)| Course School/Level| BU/PG| Coursework| Dissertation| Assessment Weight| 100.00%|
Tutor| J Mundy| Submission Deadline| 28/09/2012|

Coursework is receipted on the understanding that it is the student's own work and that it has not, in whole or part, been presented elsewhere for assessment. Where material has been used from other sources it has been properly acknowledged in accordance with the University's Regulations regarding Cheating and Plagiarism.|

000652258 Kareemah Pathel
Tutor's comments


Grade Awarded___________| For Office Use Only__________| Final Grade_________| Moderation required: yes/no| Tutor______________________| Date _______________|

This page to be placed at the front of your dissertation immediately after the header sheet. Name: Kareemah Pathel

Supervisor: Norman Williams

Checklist for submission
Please indicate in the table below that the information has been included. Note that this does not constitute a formal record of submission. Its purpose is to help you check that your submission is complete. Any missing information will delay the marking of your dissertation, and may lead to a delay in graduation.

| Required format| Tick to indicate that these have been submitted| Full web browser addresses or other evidence for all source material cited in your Moodle submission Failure to include this will attract a penalty of up to 10 marks| See Appendix C (i)| | In addition to the Moodle submission, you are required to submit ONE bound hard copy (this should be heat sealed, not ring-bound), which should be marked on the title page as MAIN COPY and should include the following: - Completed and signed Record of Contacts with Supervisor Failure to include this will attract a penalty of up to 10 marks- ‘Raw’ data used in this dissertation (eg. stock market prices, ORIGINAL completed questionnaires) (see Appendix C (ii))- Calculations and analyses used in this dissertation (eg. Excel spreadsheets) (see Appendix C (ii))Failure to include this will attract a penalty of up to 20 marks| Heat sealed bound copyTo be included at the front of the dissertationEither copied/pasted/ scanned into submission or on a CD that is firmly attached to the front coverTo be included at the front of the dissertation| yesyesyesyesCd provided| For students who failed an earlier submission and are now resubmitting their dissertation, details of those changes made since the previous submission (see Appendix D)| To be included at the front of the dissertation| |

If any of the above is omitted, please provide a brief explanation here: Appendix B
Record of contacts with supervisor
(to be completed and signed between 1st – 15th of the month of submission and included at the front of your dissertation) Student name: Kareemah Pathel
Student ID : 000652258
Date of contact| Method of contact (eg. email, personal meeting, group meeting)| Issue(s) raised by student (note: these should be meaningful, and directly related to your dissertation)| Any subsequent action taken by student| 8th June 2012| E-mail| Draft of literature review| Amendments made accordingly| 25th June 2012| E-mail| Draft of literature review and methodology chapter| Amendments made accordingly| 27th August 2012| E-mail| Data Collection| Period for which data is to be collected confirmed| 10th September 2012| E-mail| Confirmation about software to be used for regression analysis| Use of Excel| 11th September 2012| E-mail| Limitations of study| Amanendments made accordingly|

N.B. This is an incomplete record of student/supervisor contact. NPW Signed by student_____________________________________Date___________ Supervisor’s overall evaluation...
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