Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

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Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

Activity 1

Firstly, this report will summarise the CIPD HR profession Map. What it is, how it can be used and where it can be found. Briefly detail the ten professional areas of the map, the eight behaviours and the four bands. Then it will go on to look at one professional area in more detail identifying the skills, knowledge and behaviours most essential to the role of Human Resource Business Partner in New Look.

The CIPD HR Profession Map
The HR Map can be found on the CIPD website. It is an on-line self assessment tool created for HR professionals by HR practitioners. It creates a flexible framework for career progression and is a convenient way to assess strengths and weakness. The map shows how HR is linked to sustainable organisational performance. The Map is broken down into ten professional areas, each professional area defines what HR people need to know, and do.

The two core areas of the map. 

Strategies, Insights and Solutions
This area defines that the HR person needs to have a deep understanding of the business activities, strategies and plans. The strategies created must focus on the needs of the customers and employees, and add value to the organisation. They must be aware of issues that could affect the strategy and come up with solutions to adapt it. 

Leading and Managing The Human Resources
HR professionals need to be able to leads and manage a fit for purpose HR function, Ensuring that the function has the right capability, capacity, and organisation design, and that HR employees are fully engaged, work collaboratively to support each other, each understanding what their own role is and how it contributes to the overall organisation strategy.

The Eight Behaviours
There are eight behaviours which describe how HR people should carry out their activities. Each behaviour and professional area has four levels of professional competence, called bands or transitions. 

Service Delivery and Information
 This professional area is about providing managers and staff with accurate data, information and human resource services. The skills, knowledge and behaviours required for this professional area are also essential in the role of Human Resources Business Partner. The HR map states that you need to do specific activities and have specific knowledge. The below details the skills, knowledge and behaviour needed to deliver the area at band 1.

The skills needed for the role and that relate to this area of the map to enable the HR person to carry out the activities are as follows; computer and IT skills to enable data to be collected and recorded and analysed and to implement new technology changes and feedback the effectiveness on the new systems. Having these skills will ensure a quicker more efficient service. Good influencing skills to encourage managers and staff to think the way the HR people think and gain there buy in with change. Effective communication skills would be used to ensure the correct delivery information to their customers. They would need management skills, to make decisions and to plan and organise.

To ensure that the activities are carried out effectively there needs to the right level of knowledge.  In this professional area you must know the way the organisation is structured, what products and services the organisation provide to enable the understanding about the way the company works and the goals it has. This is to ensure the service provided is accurate and effective. Has the knowledge of relevant employment law and discrimination law to minimise risk to the organisation. 

The behaviours required to deliver a successful HR service are also specific. The HR individual needs to be positive to communicate messages in the positive way and keep the organisation motivated to perform well. Needs to have a fair un-biased view and be non-discriminatory. Be...
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