Determinants of Personality Development;

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Theory of personality development
Introduction: Personality refers to the unique and distinctive characteristics which differentiate one person from another. There is presently, no generally agreed upon definition of personality, nevertheless, most people who have written on the subject view personality as an individual difference concept and a lifelong development process; Larry A. Hjelle and Daniel Ziegler J. C. (personality theories, third edition) defines personality as the superficial social image that an individual adopts in playing life roles; while Gorden Allport defined personality as the nature of the persons interactions with the world. Personality is determined by these factors; •Home

Cultural factor
Love and independence
Crisis in the individuals life

HOME The influence resulting from membership in a specific family setting has great impact on the personality development of the individual, of particular importance is the parental behavior used to socialize the child with regards to values, benefits, goals etc. Parents and close relatives serve as role models. They, through their actions subtly communicate with their children, style of behavior that will affect the children for the rest of their lives. For instance there is solid evidence based on studies of twins, that emotional stability, extraversion and shyness are strongly heritable (Rose et al 1988). Other personal deposition that have a moderate genetic component, which includes aggression, desire for achievement, sense of well-being etc. are learnt from members of the family that the child interacts with day to day. (Tellegen et al 1988). Therefore the foundation of personality is unquestionably set in the home.

Culture can be defined as a people’s way of life. Being part of a...
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