Designing Security for Fabrikam

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This case study is a practical application of all of the knowledge you have acquired from your courses in the networking curriculum over the past two years. It will allow you to demonstrate both your knowledge and experience in networking both academically and hands-on. It will also allow you to draw on what you have learned as you worked your way through the online Microsoft IT Academy Security course. It is intended to be used as first a mid-term examination and then will also be continued as your end of class project and final exam. It presents a thorough review of concepts and applications presented in courses you have taken while at JSRCC. To complete this case study, read the scenario below and perform the tasks that follow. You will perform many of these tasks in teams of two but your final reports will be written individually. In addition to your analysis you are required to submit a formal written proposal that makes specific recommendations. You will be provided additional instructions regarding the format of your project report and other requirements.

Fabrikam, Inc. is a midsized company that specializes in the manufacture of industrial fabric and insulating products. Fabrikam is planning an upgrade from its current Microsoft Window 2003 Server and Exchange Server 2003 environment to Windows Server 2008 R2 and Exchange Server 2007. One of the goals of the project to is to improve security over the current standards at Fabrikam. You have been hired as a consultant to work with the upgrade team to help ensure an upgraded Windows Server 2008 R-2 network infrastructure that is both secure and functional. Specifically, you have been asked to create a proposal containing specific recommendations for moving forward with a planned upgrade to Windows Server 2008 R2 and to restructure the network environment to provide enhanced security. You have already collected and compiled information about the company and its goals with regard to the planned upgrade. The information comes from a variety of sources, including current documentation and interviews with key personnel.

You must now analyze the information and write an initial proposal for the company. In addition to making recommendations for the design of Active Directory directory service and the network infrastructure, the proposal must also identify key areas of risk and make recommendations to mitigate those risks. Corporate Structure Fabrikam consists of two divisions, the Fabric division and the Foam division, which is responsible for the production of industrial insulating products. The two divisions are located in three sites. The Fabric division is based in Seattle and Spokane, and the Foam division is based in Portland and Spokane. Each division has similar departments: sales, operations, research, design, and production. The operations department is responsible for all corporate administrative functions, including finance, payroll, and human resources. The IT department is based only in the Seattle office and is responsible for managing IT resources for both divisions. The corporate structure is shown in Figure A-1.


Help Desk


Sales Operations










Figure A-1 Fabrikam corporate structure

Current Network Infrastructure Fabrikam’s network comprises a single Windows Server 2003 domain named Fabrikam. Domain controllers exist in each of Fabrikam’s three locations in Seattle, Spokane, and Portland. Fabrikam’s current wide-area network (WAN) infrastructure is shown in Figure A-2.

Seattle, Washington

Spokane, Washington

Communication between the Seattle and Spokane offices occurs through a managed 10 megabits per second (Mbps) Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network that is provided by a local telephone company....
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