Is Using an Encryption System Like Pgp a Good Idea for Individuals? Why? What About for Organizations? Again, Why?

Topics: Project management, Management, Project Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: April 18, 2011
TUI University

Joe Snuffy

Module 2 Case Assignment

ITM 431: Introduction to IT Security

Dr. Wenli Wang

2 August 2010

Employing various tools and devices for determining the quality of IT project plans and systems leads to the use of the best practices. Best practices in IT project management summons for various elements and functions that are required and highly instrumental in ensuring the success and development of IT project plans. The best practices approach also requires the review of best practices in order to map out future trends that might are highly appropriate for future situations taking the organization one step ahead of its competitors. Some state that business practices don’t really mean anything anymore. Opinions state that these days it seems like anyone who can pick up a keyboard is issuing best practices. Plus, just because you wrote something doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s always the best of ideas. I think that some of the reasoning behind Arkansas’ ‘Best Practices’ is for the most part stemming from their avid experience. Project Management isn’t just about controlling schedules and costs. Before the execution of any project, an organization must be assured that the project is a wise investment of money and resources, and that it fits with other initiatives. IT departments must be able to deliver each project to the original specifications. Project Management also defines the business controls for delivering within scope. Leading companies launched and maintained successful IT projects by increasing growth and taking advantage of revenue opportunities, improving customer service, gaining strategic advantages over competitors, and becoming better aligned with business needs. Most agencies in Arkansas are required to submit a summation of their project management methodology. All projects are unique and take on different forms that present many degrees of uncertainty. It is important to have a defined formal structure for...
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