Aircraft Solutions Assessment

Topics: Business process management, Authentication, Security Pages: 4 (1105 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Course Project: Security Assessment and Recommendations
Aircraft Solutions
SEC: 571
Adam Grann
Professor: Reynolds

Weaknesses are a symptom that is prevalent in today’s information technology realm, indicating vulnerabilities and risks that come hand and hand with shared networks like Aircraft Solutions. With enterprises exchanging an unprecedented level of information over open networks, the vulnerabilities and possibility of compromised security by unwanted intruders is swelling up into a new type of beast.

At Aircraft Solutions, there are several samples of concerns that could lead to a breach of information or compromised branch of their system. Due to the design of their geographical layout, secure connections that encrypt the transferred data must be implemented. The internal IT team should consider installing IPSec tunnels, which enable a connection between two hosts or end points to be secured by IP payload and encapsulated encryption. Enabling these protocols provides a secure connection, essentially limiting the potential hijack of service or confidential data. Hackers often place themselves in between the two servers or a VPN to intercept the data and in turn use that data, which could have user information, to crack in to the internal network without any retort.

A viable solution for a situation with several remote offices is a VPN (virtual private network). VPN software enables private information to be shared over the public network while being encrypted. Aircraft Solutions has many groups and users that need different levels of access to the internal network. Clients need access to the company website, employees need to be granted different levels of access to certain facets of the internal network. With all of these parties accessing the business, the VPN gives security to those whom feel that the information they are viewing not be available to others.

Aircraft Solutions’ back up policy is open to the risk of losing all of its...
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