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OPRE 6366.502 Cisco Systems Case Study Report Assignment 1 DUE DATE: SUBMISSION DETAILS: MIDNIGHT on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 Your report must be fully contained within one file and submitted through eLearning. Your report will only be accepted through eLearning. Plan accordingly and wisely. Reports submitted after the due date will receive a 10% grade penalty for each day it is late. The time stamp on your eLearning submission will determine the late penalty. 1) This report will be completed in groups. The groups are listed on the last page of this assignment. 2) Read the entire assignment carefully. All the details you need to successfully fulfill the requirements of the assignment are provided. Each group member will be required to submit to the instructor a hand-written Peer-Review Input form for each of the other group members. The Peer-Review Input form will be available on eLearning. Completed forms may be submitted in hard-copy format or as a scanned file emailed to The case study report will be graded based upon the following components: quality of information presented; quality of the insights and related discussions; quality of the contingency plans suggested; group size; and, adherence to the instructions provided. Individual grades will be determined on the basis of two components: the case study report grade and the peer-review input from the other group members.







This assignment was prepared with the assistance of materials prepared by M. Cakanyildirim to complement and update the Stanford Graduate School of Business case Cisco Systems, Inc., #GS-66. The ideas presented here are for class discussion and do not related to any Cisco policy.


The case study report must contain the items listed below, presented in the order given. Summary information sections of the report (items 1, 2 & 6) may be no longer than one page each. The main body of the report (items 3, 4 & 5 collectively) may be no longer than 8 pages in total length. There is no restriction on the length of the reference section (item 7). 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) TITLE PAGE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY LONG-TERM RISKS OF SINGLE SOURCING ANSWERS TO CASE STUDY QUESTIONS ANSWERS TO COMPREHENSIVE QUESTIONS CASE SUMMARY REFERENCES

Additional Format Information: All margins will be 1” in width. Font size must be 12 point or greater. References must follow APA Style Guide formatting. Insert page numbers on all pages (title page optional).

LONG-TERM RISKS OF SINGLE SOURCING Cisco is committing to produce Viking at a single source Foxconn. Moreover, the Viking production mostly takes place within a two-hour driving distance of the Hong Kong fulfillment center. “Cisco ran the risk of being overly dependent on a single supplier and whatever financial and operational constraints it had.” In the “Long-Term Risks of Single Sourcing” section of your case study report, address the following: 1) Identify and discuss the effects of the potential risk factors in and around Hong Kong. Some risk factors are natural disasters (flood, tornado, earthquakes), medical emergencies (bird flu or similar outbreaks that halt trade), accidents (fires), sabotage, political unrest. Can you add to this list? 2) Identify which adverse events you identified are more likely. 3) Suppose a severe typhoon damages the infrastructure (power lines and bridges) in Hong Kong and Guang Zhou and it is unable to be restored for three months. Identify and discuss 2-3 actions Cisco can take to satisfy customer needs for routers. CASE STUDY QUESTIONS In the “Answers to Case Study Questions” section of the report, provide detailed answers to the 4 questions presented at the conclusion of the case study reading.


COMPREHENSIVE QUESTIONS In the “Answers to Comprehensive Questions” section of the report, provide brief answers (a...
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