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Topics: Network management, International Organization for Standardization, Configuration management Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Describing a network management system Cisco

Pierre Dumond

Devry University

Network management in a cisco environment involves a spread of the database, network devices involving auto polling, and an engineering of real time graphical views of network topology changes and traffic of a high end workstations back view of varies tools, applications and devices that help with monitoring and maintenance of the network and its architectures structure.

In the cisco environment the network management architectures almost always have the same basics, when it comes to its computer systems network tools and devices or software to help with maintenance, prevention and the recognizing of problems. Problems that can become bigger issues if network management is not in placed, as entities are programmed to take actions.

Network management entities can be programmed to notify of operations, logs or shutdown on the system, and deploy repair tools. These programmable entities can check values in the end station for variables in the cisco environment for immediate response by the means of agents which are software modules. That helps the management units or entities with stored info in a manage database by these agents through the means of network management protocol such as SNMP or CMIP.

Network management consists of network standardization contributed by the ISO. The ISO help you understanding the major functions or tasks of network management through this network standardization. This understanding comes in five focus areas performance management, configuration management, accounting management, fault management and security management.

The network standardization contributed by the ISO help measure and maintained internet work. Monitor the...
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