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Topics: Employment, Customer service, Cisco Systems Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: June 9, 2011
Section 3
Task 1: The Workplace
1) Name: Cisco Systems – Chatswood,
Contact Details: L4, Zenith Centre Tower, Tower B, 821 Pacific Hwy, Chatswood Telephone: 0284467891
Objective: CALO is Customer Advocacy Lab Operations, which means they are responsible for all the recreation test labs that Cisco runs. Mostly, everyone’s job in CALO is to set up hardware and networks so that the engineers can run test cases on recreations of different corporate networks all across the world.

2) Chart
Manager: lead the CALO lab team, responsible for the progress of the team and finishing projects before the deadline. Qualifications: Engineer, B-tech, MBA.

Manages the interns, assembles meetings in which he hands out new objectives to the interns and sets goals for the CALO lab team. Administrator, responsible for the storage of all the hardware such as routers, servers, chassis

3) Dress Code: Nothing too formal, CALO lab workers have to wear casual clothing since their job requires them to do lifting and storage of heavy computer hardware. Work Hours: every employee at the CALO lab works for 8 or more hours, the workers arrive by 7am and leave by 5 or 6pm. This also includes the 1 hour lunch break. Security: every employee at Cisco Chatswood has a key card which has the persons ID and a special number on it, without this key card one cannot enter the CALO lab, and Cisco offices, the only area that can be entered without the need of a key card is the reception area. There are also a number of cameras present in the CALO lab which prevent unauthorised personal form entering the CALO lab and offices.

4) Customer service: The CALO lab is responsible for the repair and maintenance of customer products, while the TAC offices are responsible for providing industry leading post-sale technical support worldwide for customers of medium to large scale networks. Products that are not useful and need to be disposed are stored in a storage space which can only be...
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