Design of a Rectangular Patch Antenna Using Computer Simulation Technology (Cst)

Topics: Patch antenna, Microstrip antenna, Microstrip Pages: 8 (1833 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Design of A Rectangular Patch Antenna using Computer Simulation Technology (CST) Nik Nurul Azuin Bt Nik Abdul Rahman, ID No.: 2010702499, GROUP: EE2405A

Abstract— A design of a microstrip rectangular patch antenna is presented in this paper. The proposed antenna was simulated using Computer Simulation Technology (CST) CAD Package and design on a microstrip with relative permittivity of 4.6, and substrate and copper thickness of 0.5 mm and 0.035 mm respectively with 4.5 GHz of frequency.

Keywords— CST Microwave Studio, circular array antenna, frequency, microstrip, permittivity, substrate thicknesses, copper thickness, RT/ Duroid 5880 result


Microstip antenna which is also known as the printed antenna is very practical in these days. The characteristics of this antenna are low profile, light weight, low volume and broad bandwidth. An antenna should be low-profile, comfortable and suitable to planar and nonplanar surfaces, simple and inexpensive to manufacture, mechanically robust when mounted on rigid surfaces. When the particular patch shape and mode are selected they are very versatile in terms of resonant frequency, polarization, pattern and impedance. Microstrip single antenna has several advantages and also has several disadvantages such as low gain, narrow bandwidth with low frequency. So, these disadvantages can be overcome by constructing many patch antennas in array configuration.

The design used inset feeding method based on quarter wave impedance matching technique. However it does not mention the radiation efficiency, directivity, VSWR and the fabricated size.
The design of single and patch array microstrip antennas with microtrip line as feeding method is presented. Quarter-wave transformer is used to match the feeding line to the antennas. The center frequency is determined to operate at 4.5GHz. The patch array antenna was then fabricated on the substrate type RT/Duroid 5880 with dielectric constant of 2.22, substrate thickness of 0.0508cm and copper thickness of 0.0035cm. More significantly, simulation study using CST microwave studio, the patch array antenna outperform the single patch antenna in term of return loss.

There are few sections in this paper. Section II, below is describing the methodology and measurements. Section III discussed on the results and section IV concludes the project. Finally, section V, Future and recommendation.


1 Review Stage

In designing a microstrip antenna, numerous substrates can be used to achieve good response and their dielectric constants are usually in the range of 2.2 ≤εr ≤12. The most desirable substrate whereby the dielectric constant is at the lower end. Performance evaluation on the array antenna is consequently conducted once the single patch antenna has been established. The specifications of the circular antenna are listed in Table 1.

Table 1: Design Specification For Rectangle Patch Antenna
|Center Frequency, f0 |4.5 GHz | |Substrate |RT/Duroid 5880 | |Dielectric Constant |2.22 | |Substrate Height |0.0508 cm | |Copper Thickness |0.0035 cm |

A microstrip antenna with overall dimensions:

The width, W of the patch was:

W= [pic]

= [pic]

= 2.627 cm

The effective dielectric constant, ξreff of the patch was found:ξreff= [pic]

= [pic]


The extended incremental length [pic] was:

[pic]= h *(0.412) [pic]

= 0.0508(0.412) [pic]

=0.027 cm

The actual length, L:

L=[pic] – 2[pic]

L=[pic] – 2[pic]

=2.186 cm

The effective length, Le:

Le=L + [pic]

=2.186 + 2(0.027)...
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