Wireless Networks

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CWNA Guide to Wireless LANs

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Day 2 [

Case Project 3-5 on p. 112 of the text.

your response to the following: Imagine you are the network administrator of aWLAN. Give an example of how knowing the 10’s and 3’s Rules of RF Math can helpyou on the job. Include your answers to Case Project 3-5 in your response. Show your work

The 10’s and 3’s rule are supposed to assist the network manager find the quantity of energy that is either received or lost in a wireless transmission. Different resources of RF interference may cause various stages of loss and gain. Therefore it is essential for one to understand the dB measurement to assist recognize the origin of interference.There are lots of things which may cause RF decrease for example refraction,reflection, diffraction, scattering, absorption.Reflection can cause a signal to bounce back on itself and so augmenting the signal.That is why it is essential to use a dB measurement to assist find the issue and what iscreating it.From the studying of our textual content I deducted that the dB of 1W is .So for the EIRP here's how I arrived at my judgment.9dBi = 3dBi X 3 and due to that the signal gain is increased by three times200mW X 2 = 400mW


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Describe the role of antennas in the transmission of radio waves. What type of antenna is typically used in a wireless LAN? Explain why this type of antenna is commonly used. Describe a scenario where this type of antenna may not be the best choice. What type of antenna would work best for your scenario? 

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