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Home Sweet Home
As you walk through the big white wooden door to my one-story house that contains four bedrooms, we have our new brown suede couches. In the front corner there’s a 50” plasma TV rested on a glass TV stand with different types of systems laying on the shelves including a stereo, DVD player, and a cable box. By our brick fireplace there is a really tall 80’s speaker along with another one laying on top of the wall. When you first walk through my door and look straight you there’s the kitchen, most kitchens on my block are rather small including mine. Every twenty minutes a gush of tropical fragrance will shoot out of our Febreeze machine hooked on the wall along with the Frebreeze machine there’s two paintings both nature related hanging on the wall also. While you continue off towards the back of the house through the hallway it’s like walking through a museum full of pictures of my family. My hallway being long kind of reminds of a hospital hallway because its length and with open doors on every side.

First door to your right is the garage, our garage is not too big it’s about 30 x 50 ft. it’s just enough space for all our belongings. Most people might paint there garages but ours is just white. As you take the step down to the cold cement floor there’s a hockey/ping pong table towards the left hand corner. Against the wall we have a washer and dryer. On the right hand side there’s a 60” big screen TV and to the left of the TV is a refrigerator. When you look up on the top shelves my mom keeps all her seasonal stuff inside boxes. When you step out of the garage and look left there’s the door to the restroom. The walls are painted a light sandstone color with red trimming along with a red carpet on the floor. Inside the bathroom it’s very plain in the corner on top of the counter is a vase with fake petunias inside with the basic essentials a bathroom contains: a sink, a toilet, and a bathtub with glass shower doors instead of a curtain....
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