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Topics: Temporary work, Employment, Unemployment Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Luciano Sabater Eng 100/1
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Job Hunting Is a Difficult Process

The economy has been suffering from the recession for the last couple of years. Many companies have been laying off due to the lack of finances.The unemployment rate is at a all time high.Thousands of people are seeking employment through agencies, online, and newspapers. This makes hunting for employment an even more difficult task. Companies that are hiring are looking for individuals who already have experience and/or a degree. A resume is required for any job. Although I have the experience and qualifications, if I do not have what's being acquired such as a presentable resume, the chances of me getting the job is zero to none.

When I was looking for employment I searched online at websites such as,, and I also checked the classified section of many newspapers such as The New York Times, Daily News, and the Post. Another way of seeking employment is through an temporary agencies ( temporary job placement).I have applied to all the above. I landed my first job at CVS Pharmacy through an online website ( Although it was a difficult job, having a job was good enough for me. I landed my next job at JFK airport through the classified section of the Daily News. I really enjoyed that job. My third job was through an temp agency. They temporarily placed me with The New York Times. My on the job performance impressed the company and landed me the job permanently.All these methods for looking for a job have worked for me.

My resume was a very essential role in getting a job. I knew many employers look for the most common mistake in a resume before tossing or disregarding it. Therefor I always double check my resume for mistakes and save a clean copy on my computer. I also like to make sure when I apply for a job I make my resume relate to the job which I am applying for. For instance when I applied for JFK airport, I made my...
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