Describe What Your Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle

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  • Published : August 29, 2012
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Describe What Your Roles, Responsibilities And Boundaries Would Be As A Teacher In Terms Of The Teaching/Training Cycle

A teacher has certain roles, responsibilities and boundaries which can be best examined and explained by the use of a teaching / training cycle as in the diagram below.

Teaching / Training Cycle

Identifying The Needs Of Learners
In order to assess learner’s needs it is important to be able to identify what learning needs may already exist and what to look out for in a learner. Gathering information about the number of participants attending, their educational, cultural and professional backgrounds, their existing knowledge, attitudes & skills and their expectations can be of great benefit in planning a course. Things like application forms, initial literacy & numeracy tests, customer information sheet and these pre-course communications offer an opportunity to gain an insight if a learner needs any additional support such as literacy or numeracy help, or with English if it is their second language, any physical disability a learner may have, and mental barriers a learner may have, i.e. dyslexia. “Learners’ needs” has been described as the gap between where a student is now and where they want to get to, but more than this it’s the identification of what criteria need to be dealt with in order to help a person gain the learning outcomes they are seeking. – Ref Simon Smith City & Guild 7404 Level 4 certificate in Further Education & Training.

Designing Materials and Resources
It is the role and responsibility of a teacher to make sure that all learning styles (i.e. kinaesthetic, aural and visual) are covered, no matter what resources are used, to meet the different needs of the learners and the learning process. Effectiveness of resources should always be evaluated in order to improve or change them accordingly for future progression. A teacher needs to be clear on the course content, what do...
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