Describe the Different Features of Electronic Systems

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Date (s) on site| QEOP Legacy WorksTemporary One Day Vehicle Pass Application| From:To (inclusive):| |
SECTION 1: Completed by Applicant|
Primary Driver Surname:| LEWIS| Forename/s:| DAVE|
Drivers Mobile Number:| 07587653911|
Has BAM Nuttall Site Pass?| YES| | (Delete as applicable)| COMPANY DETAILS:|
Company Name:| APLANT|
Company Contact Name:| PERRY MOOSA| Company Contact Number:| 07791522240| HOST DETAILS:|
Host Company:| APLANT|
Host Contact Name:| PERRY MOOSA| Host Contact Number:| 07791522240| VEHICLE DETAILS:|
Make: | IVECO| Model: | DAILY TRANSIT| Colour: | WHITE AND GREEN| Registration Number:| Vehicle type:|
PO12LYF| Van| X| 4x4| | Lorry| | Mini Bus| | | | | Bus| | Sweeper| | Flat Bed| | Hi-Ab| | | |
| Other (state):| | | | | | | |
Reason vehicle is required on site? (note no cars are allowed on site)| Going to Eaton Manor to repair 2 Bam Nuttall Welfare Units which have no heating and frost prevention heather frozen.| Does the vehicle have an amber flashing light? | Yes| X| | No| | - Speed limit is 15mph unless a lower speed is posted. Failure to comply with speed limits may result in you being prevented from driving on site.- Hand held mobile phones or site radios must not be used whilst driving.- Obey all traffic signage and Traffic Marshals.- No children, animals or unauthorised passengers are permitted on site.- Seatbelts are to be worn at all times when driving on site- Do not stop on site roads and only park where instructed to by Traffic Marshals or Security.- All drivers must comply with local rules including briefings, access routes, escorts and exit arrangements.- No manoeuvring operations are to be carried out without a vehicle Banksman or Traffic Marshal in attendance.- Drivers must wear a safety helmet, high visibility clothing, gloves, eye protection and safety footwear unless in an enclosed cab.|...
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