Employment Legislation Affecting Recruitment

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Assignment Title:Recruitment and Selection

Unit Title:Examine employment legislation with regard to recruitment

Course Title:

Name:Pancho Pablo Fernandes

Date:01 September 2012


In this assignment I will discuss the employment legislation in force that ensure fair manpower hiring protocol thereby safeguarding candidates from being discriminated on different grounds. The assignment task is:

* Evaluate current employment legislation as it affects recruitment and selection of personnel

Employers during the pre-industrialization era were more focused on having the most suitable manpower in terms of strength, color, ethnic background, gender, religion etc. Child labor was well practiced by employers with intention of saving on overheads. There was no concern for safety & suitable working conditions due to inequality of bargaining power between employer & worker. It was through rise and fall of Governments that created various acts outlawing discriminations most of which pertained to employment. Discriminations related acts have come into force mostly during the second half of the 19th century and till date undergo revisions / modifications thereby ensuring fair employment protocol. This assignment will share light on some important legislation concerning recruitment & selection of workers.

Most countries have a set up legal authority / body which monitors company’s recruitment practices. Employment discriminations can be direct or indirect. Direct discrimination is when a group of candidates are treated less...
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