Demographics and Micro Environment

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Habib Jewels3
Micro environment3
a) Customer.3
b) Supplier.3
c) Competitors.3
d) Marketing intermediate4
Macro environment4
a) Political4
b) Economic4
c) Technology4
Micro environment5
a) Customer5
b) Company5
c) Competitors5
Macro environment6
a) Cultural.6
b) Economic6
c) Natural6
d) Demographic6
Fair & Lovely7
Micro environment7
a) Company7
b) Customer7
c) Public7
d) Competitor7
Macro environment8
a) Cultural8
b) Technology8
c) Political8
Micro environment9
a) Marketing intermediaries9
b) Customer9
c) Competitors9
Macro environment10
a) Demographic10
b) Cultural10
Pos Malaysia Berhad11
Micro environment11
a) Company11
b) Customer11
Macro environment11
a) Technology.11
b) Competitors12


I have been assigned to study about five products and look into their micro environment and macro environment that influenced the development of the products. Understand about the products or services offer and come with detail about how these being accepted by customer. For this assignment, I choose Habib Jewels, Libresse, Fair & Lovely, Kordel’s and Post Malaysia Berhad. In this assignment, I have clearly looks into every factor in macro and micro environment for each product. I hope that from this I become clearer about the company operation and how macro and micro environment affect that company.

Habib Jewels

Micro environment
The micro environment is the internal factor of company that have direct impact on the company strategy. The micro environment for Habib Jewels includes: a) Customer.
Habib Jewels has promise their customer for their satisfaction. They are offering finest material and gemstones for customer. The quality of product is the best since Habib has established over 50 years. They are offering customer with the best quality of raw material in order to create world class jewellery at honest and fair price. b) Supplier.

Only the finest material will be chosen to turn into product. That is the reason why only the certificate supplier able to supply their material to Habib Jewels. Habib also looking all over the world for the material. The best value of material will able to come out perfect and precious in every piece of product like chains, bracelets, pendants, rings, necklaces, tiara and other accessories. Habib Jewels also has a great number of labors. They are the best craftsman that responsible for jewels making. The craftsman has experience in this field so that they can produce perfect jewels. The designer make sure each of Habib pieces is inspired by Malaysian culture, which means creating jewellery that is unique in identity but global in outlook. c) Competitors.

Just like the other sector and company, Habib also has its own competitor. As a Malaysian company, they are trying to export their product in international market. The competition even bigger with the other company from all over the world. In Malaysia, there are also a lot of competitors that we can see. Each of them has a big name in jewellery industry. They are Top Competitors

* Ample Million Gold & Jewellery Sdn Bhd
* Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (International) Limited
* Yikon Corporation Berhad
* Poh Kong Holdings Berhad
Habib has advantages where their product has been accepted by various people. Its designs were a fusion of Malay, Chinese and Indian elements. This was why they appealed to a wide cross section of people. People also seeks for the simple and nice jewels just like what Habib’s offered. Being over 50 years in market also bonus for Habib’s to be accepted by customer. d) Marketing intermediate

A market intermediate of the company is important in order to ensure the product delivered to customer in a good way. A market where transferred products or services are sold in its...
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