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Spencer Joon-Suh Tressler Deism is a view between that there is a God and a creator and that there is not one that God created the universe and then just left to run on its own at all Deism holds that God does not intervene with the functioning of the natural world in any way, allowing it to run according to the laws of nature that he configured when he created all things so God is wholly transcendent and never immanent if you are a deist than you may only know God I can give you critical and consecutive statements that deist have that they all believe and follow. 1. Rejection of all religions based on books that claim to contain the revealed word of God 2. Rejection of reports of miracles, prophecies and religious "mysteries 3. God exists created and rules the universe

4. God gave human beings the ability to reason
5. That there is 1 supreme God
6. That he should be worshipped
7. Rejection of all religious dogma and demagogy
THESE ARE ALL TO BELIEVED TO BE TRUE AND TO LIVE BY THEM Deists hold a variety of beliefs about the soul . Some, such as Lord Herbert of Cherbury and William Wollaston, [25] held that souls exist, survive death, and in the afterlife are rewarded or punished by God for their behavior in life. Some, such as Benjamin Franklin, believed in reincarnation or resurrection. Others such as Thomas Paine were agnostic about the immortality of the soul. Deism is 2 different beliefs that all add up to there is a god and there is not a god that he did all this created all these things and just left that he does not live here anymore that he is just gone that there is not just there is a god or there...
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