Topics: Existentialism, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ontology Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: March 18, 2013

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ESSAY. Answer the following questions clearly and concisely. Your answers shall be evaluated based on the following criteria: Content = 50%, Clarity of Thought = 30% and Writing Style 20%. (10 points each). You can use a clean sheet of Yellow Pad paper in answering the following questions.

1. Do you agree that knowledge defines us, that is to say, what we know and what we think is who we are? Why?

2. According to the famous existentialist Jean-Paul Sarte, while we are still alive, others will always try to murder our subjectivity; but it is only when we are dead, though, that they will definitely triumph over us. Do you agree with him? Why?

3. Do you agree that individuals have learned to hate one another precisely because of their religious differences and therefore God has become the universal barrier of global peace amongst individuals throughout the world? Why?

4. Explain at least three (3) characteristics of love and share your personal experience regarding it.

5. Differentiate Martin Heidegger’s Authentic Being-towards-death and Inauthentic Being-towards Death.

6. For the Determinists “essence precedes existence”, thus the human person is already determined. On the other hand, Indeterminists claims that “existence precedes essence”, thus the human person is free. Between the Determinist and the Indeterminists views which is more acceptable to you? Why?

7. Explain the Three Levels of Human Intersubjectivity and illustrate each level and its transition from one level to another via example(s).

8. Do you think that Epicurus was right when he said that we only need friends, freedom and an analyzed life to be genuinely happy? Why?

9. Explain St. Thomas Aquinas’ Cosmological Argument in proving God’s existence. Do you think that it is overwhelmingly and convincingly enough to prove...
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