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Daylan David 12/11/12
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Puritan Values Still Resonate Today In America
In society today most values and beliefs reflect the values of beliefs of Puritanism. Without these values and beliefs America would be nothing close to what it is today. People would have little to no morals and everyday life would be a catastrophe. The main three values that are still important today are conservative sexual behavior, a good work ethic or determination to work hard and spiritual salvation.

Conservative sexual behavior is known as reserving sexual activities for marriage or also known as celibacy. Today, in America most people are sexually active before marriage but there are quite handfuls that are not. They prefer to practice abstinence and wait until marriage to engage in any sexual activities. Mostly this comes from religious views but it also comes from family morals. Without Puritans practicing this many years ago things may be way different.

Second, in just about every family I know it is important to work for what you want or need. This is called a work ethic which not only is extremely important now but was equally important then. When the Puritans came from England and colonized in what is now known as the America they had to restart their lives. Build everything on their own, appoint leaders, and determine a fair way of living without hard work this task could not have be achieved. Therefore, puritans established a strong moral value of the importance of hard work and in the modern day America this still takes place simply because without hard work and perseverance success is impossible to achieve.

Lastly, spiritual values relate to having faith in and following a specific religion which will have you sent to the Promise Land after death. Most Americans live by this code to today; they try not to do ungodly things known as sins. By doing this they convince themselves that they are reserved a place in the Promise Land when their life is...
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