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Topics: Meaning of life, Positive psychology, Life Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: May 25, 2013
March 30, 2013
Success Success is a word that many people misinterpreted. Different people give success they own meaning. The media defined success as being rich and famous; for example, having the latest car, the biggest and most beautiful house, and having a lot of money. On the other hand, the people who obtain these things might suffer stressful relation, have different thoughts about their life, and do not even know the meaning of life. Other people might define stress as being educated, having the best job, and having a nice family. Also, the people who have these things, are they happy? Because everyone gives the word success different meaning, most of the people have been brainwashed from the real meaning of the word success. True success involves patience, appreciation, respect, integrity, but these entire traits are difficult for humans to attain. Marketers want people to believe the pursued of money and fame will lead to success and happiness. It is a falsely statement to believe, money is comparable to a new toy. It is fun when it is new, but as people get used to it; it becomes boring and unexcited. Though, money can buy many things that are valuable to people, comforts, luxuries, live successfully and a well-balanced life. Money can make life easier, but it will not essentially make it better. For instance, money cannot help people become wiser and knowledgeable or have a successful relationship and gain respect. All of these characters are essential aspects of being successful. Success can be defined as how happy a person is. For some people, having luxurious items might make them happy; however, it is not commonly true and it is subsequently not a true measure of success. Success for some people is a happy and caring family. For some others, success might mean trying new things and a way of life that goes with it. Success is tangled with happiness because they are both...
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