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Topics: World War II, World War I, United States Pages: 5 (1763 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Success in American Culture: Achieving Financial Success
Destiny Masters
Alexandria Monroe Jr. / Sr. High School


The main point of this essay is to show the variety of aspects in success in the American culture. This essay was meant to emphasize that although success does have a definition; it is based on how people view success, and on how they determine a person successful. In this paper, I explored educational, political, and financial success, and incorporated which one was determined as the most important by many of my peers, as well as adults, both male and female. In my personal research on January 29, 2013, it has been determined that many people believe that others in our society are successful, according to their finances.

Success in American Culture: Achieving Financial Success
Success has a different meaning to every person, whether it is educational, political, or even just overall financial. Depending on the person and their upbringing, success can be achieved in a variety of ways, and could be seen through many different aspects in the American society. Success means something different to every person; therefore, not everyone has the same view of success. However, the Collins English Dictionary defines success as the attainment of wealth, fame, etc. The Puritans arrived in America in 1620, on what was called the Mayflower. The reason for them leaving England, was to separate from the Anglican Church. The American colonies had motivation for the freedom of religion, and it helped bring about success for the immigrating Puritans. The colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts became successful due to many laws and compacts that were enforced less than a decade after they arrived in the United States. The Mayflower Compact, which was established as a government under James I, was responsible for the will of the colonists becoming recognized and enforced. In 1629, the Cambridge agreement, which was originally used to create a trade market in the United States, instead was noticed more for the development of religion in government. Another great success that the Puritans have brought America is the establishment of schools in towns that had to have over one hundred houses within it, which helped create a universal education system. Based on how focused the Puritans were, as well as all they have creating in the United States, they gave us the idea that both wealth and success were the result of having good work ethic (“Puritans 2013”). The colonists, during the American Revolution, were forced to either support England, or to gain independence from the country. As we all know, the conclusion of this war, being as the reason why we are an independent country now, is that the colonists that stood up to England, won us our independence. This has helped us gain overall success, as we keep growing and developing as a country every day (Troxler, 1992). During the era of the Civil War, the Northerners aimed to preserve the union, while the Southerners were fighting for their independence, and to keep slavery, as it benefitted them financially. The Union paid more attention to Richmond, Virginia, which became the new capital of the Confederacy around this time. The South, however, approached their idea of defending the Upper South from the Northerners (The Civil War, 2006-2013). The Civil War allowed us to keep the Union together in the end, as well as end slavery in the United States. This helped give us an updated Constitution, were everyone, no matter what color their skin may be, the right to equality. World War I, beginning in August of 1914, caused many long term effects that took many years for the United States to recover from, when it ended in November of 1918. First off, the Central Powers were defeated and the German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, and Ottoman empires all collapsed. It also left behind a severe financial loss, which caused a huge amount of debt to occur, taking many years to...
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