Striving for Success

Topics: Happiness, Capital accumulation, 2000 albums Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Should people strive for success

What is success? People usually say success is wealth, power, and fame. But, in fact, in the dictionary, the definition of success is the achieving of something you have been trying to do, with a good result. In other words, success is the feeling of happiness and satisfaction, after getting the goal. The purpose is to seek happiness and satisfaction. So, the key to success is to keeping on striving for excellence, happiness will always follow you. Why should people strive for excellence? Because, such a accomplishment is spiritual joy and spiritual satisfaction when people make a progress after achieving the aim. The enjoyment is not a simple with money and power to measure. So, strive for wealth, power, and reputation is not the real success which people always fear of losing. This is the biggest concern of every successful individual people work hard for that, it will not last long.for instance, most people choose jobs based on how much money can be earned. But, if the person do not have passion for what he is doing, he can not excel, he may get money, fame. But, this success does not last longs, and this is where most of people suffer. On the other hand, many of the people choose profession just because somebody, most probably their parents wants them to go in that profession, but this is not right. If you choose a profession in which you have the passion, you will have fun, you will enjoy working, you will strive for excellence, you will be happy and this is what real success is. Further more, some of women may have no job, but they are also successful, they are also enjoy happiness and satisfaction after making good efforts. To be able to reflect their own value is successful. The earthquake in WenChuan is a great example. Most of people do not have money and power, but, they really have a warm heart to saving lives. Are they not successful? In conclusion, for the power of people not born, they are not wealthy and in...
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