Definition of Management and Managerial Roles

Topics: Management, Decision making, Leadership Pages: 4 (1555 words) Published: April 25, 2011
According to Armstrong and Michael (2008, p.2) the fundamentals of management is deciding what need to be done and getting it done through people in organization. The researchers are highlighting that people of an organization is the main resource that is needed by a manager to manage other resources in operating an organization, which indicates that a large proportion of management work is done through people of the organization. As easy as it may seems managerial work still requires manager to be personally involved in dealing with eventualities. Therefore, it is important that all managers be equipped with some qualifications, skills, values and motivation. In accordance to this, i would like to share a common metaphor made between a juggler’s task which is to keep juggling the balls in the air in order to prevent it from falling to the ground and a manager’s task which is said to be similar. Currie, David and Golding (2000, p.10) once stated that comparing management to a juggler’s task should not be taken into consideration as it is defined as incomplete. In my opinion, there is a lot more to managerial task than what meets the eyes. Management is not just about being decisive of a certain eventualities; it is in fact a practice which involves a mixture of experience, vision and thorough analysis. As stated by Mintzberg (2005) we need people with full stability and commitment running the management field; more like a manager who practices a winning management style in order to build a strong organization. Thus, it is crucial for manager who plays an important role in a decision making need of an organization to fulfill his responsibilities in delivering model managerial roles. Model managerial roles must comprise of engaging interpersonal roles, excellent informational roles and brilliant decisional roles. According to Hill and McShane (2008) Interpersonal roles involve interactivity with people within the organization and external the organization. Hill...
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