Topics: Renting, The Advantage, Competition Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: December 3, 2012
D.Analysis of potential location
Fruity Frozen is located at a rented shop in Renton. We are renting this shop for $16,800 per year. Our contract terms with them are for 2 years. Thesettingfor this place is like a downtown area where there are lots of people and nearby is the mall where people will gather to shop and can get a quick snack close by. This location provides us with the advantage of getting regular customers because there are other small shops around. They are a lot of people that comes around by the mall on weekends, so we would get more customers in our shop during those days. There is no frozen yogurt shop around this area but there are many frozen yogurt shop located in Renton. So we do have competition but since we are far away from them, we are able to develop our own image and uniqueness for our shop in this specific location. Even though our competitors have regular customers already, we can bring customers into our shop because of our location. They will be able to just drop by our shop because they are going to the other shops nearby. This is a place for good quality products; this will give Fruity Frozen the image of having good product. Also this place is known through most people so Fruity Frozen would have a chance of being famous. This location does have a lot of car driving by because we are located in a crowed area, we would get customers especially during the busy time. That is when workers are leaving from work.
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