Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement

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  • Published : September 29, 2008
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The topic being researched is how Kudler Fine Foods can improve the success of the business by preparing for possible competition, and streamlining expansion procedures. The sources used are the Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan, and The University of Phoenix online databases. Findings suggest that implementing a research and market analysis plan, as well as an effective risk management plan will ensure successful expansion and growth of Kudler Fine Foods. A risk management plan and market analysis of new locations, will allow Kudler to acknowledge potential problems and pre pare for them. The following is a problem statement explaining what is currently wrong with Kudlers plans on expansion, and how they can improve these plans.

After reviewing the strategic plan for Kudlers Fine Foods it is obvious there are several issues that will stunt the growth and success of the organization. The company is suffering from a lack of management and poor organization planning. The issues that will be discussed are the poorly developed expansion and growth plans, and the lack of risk management in preparation of a competitor entering the market. Problem Statement

The management at Kudler Fine Foods is planning on opening a new location when all of the current locations are not successful, and the company has not done a proper analysis of the need for their services in the area. Also Kudler is not prepared for factors that may decrease the profitability of the company, or factors that can contribute to the failure of a new location. Solution

With the Del Mar location not producing profit as expected this is the location management should use to create a market research and analysis plan. By using this location they will be able to determine the factors that are hindering the success of this location and then develop ways to counteract those factors. The benefit is they will improve the business done at that...
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