De Thi Thu Dai Hoc

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THI TH IH CL N1 Môn Ti ng Anh Th i gian làm bài: 90 phút; (80 câu tr c nghi m) Mã thi 132

H , tên thí sinh:....................................................... S báo danh: .............................Phòng thi:…………. Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction. 1: People today use aspirin to relieve pain, alike past generations, who used the bark A B C of the white willow tree in powder form. D 2: Experiments show that, for a bird, doing a bird nest is as instinctive as feeding. A B C D 3: Putting together a toy can be made easier by looking at the diagram, reading the A B instructions, and then making what is required step by step. C D 4: Most of more than 50 different blends of imported coffee to the United States A B C come from Central and South American countries. D 5: In order for a doctor to practice medicine in any hospital, it must be proved that the A B doctor has the qualifiers to do so. C D Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. 6: She went __________a bad cold just before Christmas. A. over B. down with C. through D. in for 7: I don’t think that purple shirt ___________ with your yellow skirt. A. suits B. goes C. wears D. fits 8: . “Thank you for giving me a lift” “___________”. A. Nonsense B. All right C. No problems D. You are welcome 9: In order to finance the project the Council will have to get a large___________ from the bank. A. profit B. interest C. loan D. gain 10: “Why is the ground so wet?” – “It ______________ last night.” A. would rain B. would have rained C. should have rained D. must have rained 11: He is decorating the house with a view____________ it. A. to sell B. to selling C. for selling D. to be sold 12: The police decided to______________ the department store after they had received a bomb warning. B. evacuate C. evict D. expel A. abandon 13: He enjoyed the dessert so much that he accepted a second__________ when it was offered. A. sharing B. helping C. pile D. load 14: It’s high time you ______________ to study seriously. Trang 1/7 - Mã thi 132

A. began B. would begin C. did begin D. begin 15: Mary was surprised when her guests_______________ late for the party. A. turned up B. came up C. looked up D. put up 16: You must be very careful when you wash this _____________ silk blouse. A. delicate B. feeble C. weak D. sensitive 17: The children were all upset, and some were_____________ tears. A. with B. on C. in D. at 18: Jane __________ in such a trouble if she had been more careful. A. will not be B. wouldn’t have been C. wouldn’t be D. would have been 19: None of the students____________ to class yet. A. are coming B. has come C. haven’t come D. have come 20: Her grades have improved, but only__________ A. some B. very slightly C. in a small amount D. minimum 21: For me, __________ is not important. A. what a person wearing B. what does a person wear C. what a person wears D. what will a person wear 22: Joe seemed to be in a good mood, __________ he snapped at me angrily when I asked him to join us. A. for B. yet C. and D. so 23: I feel very tired. _______________ times I consider giving up work. A. For B. During C. Some D. At 24: She isn’t __________well with the new manager. A. getting on B. keeping on C. taking on D. going on 25: “Don’t stay up late any longer, __________ ?” A. do you B. won’t you C. will you D. should you 26: The manual coming with the appliance says “__________ any problem with merchandise, contact your local leader.” A. You should have B. Had you have C. Do you have D. Should you have 27: The teachers at the school_______________ with flu one after the other. A. went out B. went under C. went off D. went down 28: We regret to inform you that the materials you ordered are__________ . A. out of work B. out of practice C. out of reach D. out of stock 29: Old houses have a_________...
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