Marketing Research: Potential Midterm Exam Practice Questions

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Marketing Research: Potential Mid-Term Exam
60 Multiple Choices (20 Marks)-2B Pencil + 3 Written Questions (350-500 words)-15 Marks Part I: Multiple Choices (Ch1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9)
Chapter 1: Marketing Research, Basic Marketing Research, Applied Marketing Research, Product Research, Pricing Research, Distribution Research, Promotion Research, and Research Limitation Chapter 2: Data, Information, Marketing Intelligence, Characteristics of Valuable Information, Decision Support System, Database, Data Warehousing, Internal Records, External Distributors, Internet Data, Primary and Secondary Data, Push or Pull Technology, Intranet, EDI Chapter 3: Decision Making Terms, Exploratory Research, Descriptive Research, Causal Research, Types of Causal Research, Test-Marketing, Concept Testing, Stages in Research Process, Literature Review, Pilot Study, Focus Group, Hypothesis Testing, Empirical Test, Survey, Research Design, Unobstructive Methods, Research Projects, Research Program Chapter 4: Advantages VS Disadvantages of In-House and Out-House, Research Suppliers i.e. Syndicated, standardized, full-service, limited service, problem of researcher, conflict, cross functional team, ethics in research, relativism, idealism, Placebo, Privacy, Push poll, pseudo-research Chapter 5: Know the research process, probing, know research statement, objective, Types of variable, Hypothesis testing, why do you need the research proposal, dummy table Chapter 6: Qualitative Research VS Quantitative Research, New Product Development Process, Major Categories of Qualitative Research, Phenomenology, Ethnography, Participant-observation, Ground-Theory, Focus group Advantages, Good Moderator should be….., Laddering, TAT, Free Association and Sentence Completion, Collages, Projective Techniques, Online, Teleconferencing Chapter 8: Advantages VS Disadvantages of Survey, Random Sampling Error, Systematic Error, Sample Bias, Respondent Error, Respondent Bias, Types of Response Bias,...
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