Dazed and Confused

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Movie Title: Dazed and Confused

List and describe 4 characters that are important to the movie: Randall "Pink" FloydFloyd is the stud senior quarterback who realizes he doesn’t want to be just a quarterback for the rest of his life and questions his role in the social pack. He can't stand Coach Conrad and the pledge sheet he's making all the players sign. He's going out with Simone, but he'd like to hook up with Jodi. He seems to belong to all cliques.| Mitch KramerMitch is going to be a freshman in high school and he's already getting picked on by the senior class. Lack of parental supervision (and help from Pink and his pals) allows Mitch to experience high school life a little earlier than most of his classmates. Kramer is the new kid on the block who, like Pink, has an amazing athletic talent and a way with the ladies| Fred O'BannionO'Bannion is a super-senior who is enjoying his second straight year of hazing freshmen. He has a temper, and when the freshmen get their revenge he blows up and drives away in his piece-of-junk car.| David WoodersonWooderson, a former superstar quarterback and graduate working for the city after realizing that life after his alma matter is sweeter when you live by your own rules. The high schoolers think he's cool because he's older and he has a nice car. Many of the classic lines in this movie to come from Wooderson.|

Q: What does the movie teach us about life?
The movie dazed and confused is more than just a movie about smoking marijuana. It documents the changes we all face in life, as social and political pressures increase, when one gets older and faces decisions that require you to figure out how to avoid being what others want you to be while staying young at heart.

Q: What is your favorite part of the movie?
My favorite part in the movie is when they are sitting on the 50-yard line of the football field smoking marijuana, reminiscing and having laughs. While Matthew McConaughey “Wooderson”, says a very...
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