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Remember the Titans is an exciting film about the Civil Rights movement in the U.S. It personifies the power of respect, care and desire to win prevailing over racial prejudice. It showcases how individuals from diversified color, background and culture rose from the occasion and became lifelong friends. The players, Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell, and the coaches, Herman Boone and Bill Yoast, are truly inspiring figures in the film.

Set in 1971 Alexandria, Virginia; High school football is the town's most popular sport. The school board is under a court order to integrate the public schools. In the process of integration, tension amongst individual in school becomes high. This film is a perfect concoction of two elements: a coup of an underdog sports team and a successful assimilation of high school football team in general. The interaction of two coaches, a black and a white, is quite a challenging part. Both Coach Boone and Coach Yoast had struggle to overcome their personal dilemma and worked for the betterment of their team. Although reluctant at first, Yoast accepted the demotion and conspired with Boone to produce a winning team! The sub-story between Gerry Bertier, Titan's white team captain, and Julius Campbell, an aptitude black player is also remarkable. It confirms that strong friendship can be forged despite the racial hatred plaguing the community.

The Titans has become an inspiration that destroyed prejudice and intolerance; an icon of integration in Virginia during those troubled times.

The Film Clip

The group chose the Boot Camp portion of the film because it served as catalyst for change in the whole film plot. It in itself is a mini-film which highlights the events ranging from getting on the bus of the Titans to coming in to the camp in Gettysburg College full of indifference. This clip presents various behaviors of resistance displayed by the participants and how these behaviors slowly changed and were tweaked to acceptance. At the end of the camp, the team becomes revitalized and unified, with victory as the only focus.


What were the strategies executed by Coach Herman Boone and the leadership of the Titans to achieve their ultimate objective in the Boot Camp? What was the outcome?


The film clip, which covers the Boot Camp organized by coach Herman Boone, highlights the change that occurred in the team members from being indifferent, discriminating, and partial to being unified, selfless, and integrated. Various stages in this change process will be used as a framework for analyzing the film and answering the research question.

The first stage tackles the internal and external forces that triggered the need for the team to change. Due to these forces, a need to be impartial, integrated and united was created among the team members.

In the second stage, to achieve the objective of integrating the team, bringing out the best in its members, and achieving perfection through victory, various changes have been implemented by Coach Boone.

This, of course, encountered opposition and resistance from both black and white members of the Titans, which is covered by the third stage in the framework. Resistance not only came from the players themselves but also from the assistant coach Yoast.

Focused on their objectives for the team, Titans' leadership executed various interventions to overcome resistance and to cement change. This event covers the fourth stage of the framework.

Using Lewin's Change Model, unfreezing occurred when the Titans had their tryouts and while on the way to camp. Movement, or changing behaviors and learning new habits, was demonstrated best when the players are at camp and forced to interact with each other and begin to look at themselves as one team. Refreezing occurred when the team pulls together, without the coaches, and creates their own...
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