Remember the Titans

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  • Published : April 9, 2012
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Remember the Titans is a classic football movie filled with many obstacles. These obstacles vary from racism to dealing with death. It’s based on a true story that took place in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971. What makes this movie classic is how the players and coaches were able to overcome the issue of segregation and build relationships to form a championship team. Building relationships

When the school board announced there will no longer be any form of segregation in schools, the black and white players on the football team had a hard time accepting each other. After the first fight broke out during training camp in practice, the coaches immediately handled the situation by making all players share a room with the opposite race. This was enforced for the players to not only to accept each other as teammates, but also to accept each other as a person. With this method being executed, the players grew to love each other and raised the level of their game leading them to winning a state championship. Visualization

Julius was a star defensive end who used visualization before every game. He would envision himself making big game changing plays and executing what he was coached during practice. One game he was having relationship problems with his girlfriend and it caused him to have trouble focusing. Hi didn’t do his pregame ritual of visualization and had his worst game of the season. In the following weeks game he went back to his pregame ritual and back to dominating on the field recording three sacks in the game. Cues

Pete was the team’s starting quarterback in the season opener. He was quickly benched after having trouble with ball security in the first game, which they lost due to turnovers. In the following week during practice coach Herman Boone provided Pete with a few cues on ball security. First, he told him to keep the ball close to his body so he will always have a feel for it. Then Coach Boone said, “When running with the ball, keep...
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