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Topics: David McClelland, Need for achievement, Case Western Reserve University Pages: 3 (767 words) Published: June 15, 2012
First Article
“David C. McClelland: Biographical Statement and Synopsis of His Work” By Richard E. Boyatzis, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Weatherhead School of Mgt. Case Western Reserve University August 15, 2000.

In this article, the author first mentioned the personal background, and history of David C. McClelland and his four major contributions in the management field. They are: i. Theory of Human Motives (Needs for Achievement, Affiliation, Power) and the Leadership Motive Profile ii. Motivational Change

iii. The Development of Tests and Operant Methods
iv. The Development of Job-Competency Studies

The authors then briefly explain each of the contributions and Theory of Human Motives is the actually regarding his Theory of Needs. David McClelland, 1985, in his perspectives states that it is “a concurrent concern for a goal state or condition as measured in fantasy which drives, directs and selects the behaviour of the individual”. He strongly believes that each individual’s behaviour and action are motivated from the needs within themselves. McClelland than propose the three significant needs after the work of Henry Murray (1938). The three significant needs are: i. Need for Achievement (N Ach)

ii. Need for Power (N Pow)
iii. Need for Affiliation (N Aff)
The author also mentioned the timeframe which McClelland has gone through to come out with the complete set of Theory of Needs. McClelland started his work in the late 1940’s focusing on the Need for Achievement. His work on N Ach eventually finished in 1960’s, while in the late 1960’s, the research work on Need for Power begun until 1990’s. Further explanations and elaboration on the three needs are included in this article. However, we are not going to mention it in this section as the content is more or less similar to the previous pages. Later, the author emphasis that McClelland’s work has contributed a lot in driving a person’s behaviour and actions. In...
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