Data Warehousing and/or Business Intelligence

Topics: Caffeine, Coca-Cola, Green tea Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: August 6, 2008
More and more company is aware of the importance of the information system. They use their databases to keep track of basic transactions, provide information to help the company to run the business more efficiently and help managers make better decisions. For most food companies, carrying the right inventory levels and supply chain management are major challenges because many foods have relatively short shelf life than other products. This article give me an example of how Coca Cola Japan Group, which is using advanced data warehousing techniques provided by Teradata , a hardware and software vendor specializing in data warehousing and analytic applications to improve the vending business. The article has three parts:

The first part introduced Coca Cola Japan Group’s vending market faces new and increasing competition from other channels, such as convenience stores and other beverage supplier. From 1998 to 2002, the vending's share of the beverage market shrank while the percentage of the sales through retail stores grew up.

The second part talked about Coca Cola Worked with NCR Teradata, bottling partners developed a data warehousing application to exploit data from vending machine sales to reverse the declining market share trend and improving profitability. This system was directly linked to its vending machine column control system, collected sales data including volume and price; sold-out information, product, time and duration, and machine breakdown information etc. The data is stored in the data warehouse and analyzed by marketing and operations managers. Real-time sales information is most valuable but with the help of historical data the marketing manager may analyze sales trends that can be used for route planning. After adopting data ware housing technology Coca Cola Company have been able to greatly improve forecasting, leading to better route sales productivity and with fewer stock-outs.

The third part mentioned other advantages and...
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