Hard Rock

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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1.What problems did the Rank Group find with the Hard Rock’s three main internal information systems (restaurant operations, merchandising, and financial)? Why was this a problem? [Table]

2.What’s the solution? [List]
-Putting a data warehouse system
oTo store restaurant point-of-sales customer data, merchandise sales, customer demographic, preference oTo link data via the Web
-Installing chain-wide merchandise system
-Putting Radius inventory management system
-Adopting Lawson software financial module, lotus notes
oTo update on a daily basis
oTo create a common ledger for all stores allowing the system to automatically reconcile numbers for every cafes oTo reduce workload for finance staff
The new systems and data warehouse are accessible through companywide intranet, allowing employee to look up customer detail and other information with just one click.

3.What’s the role of CRM? [List]
How does the data in a CRM differ from that of a POS? (Table) -To build and strengthen relationship between company and its customer ex. Hard Rock building an online community. -To capture information about customers and give them customized details in order to drive customer revisit. -To gain personal information about customer and use it to offer personalized service. oHard Rock gift certificate which can be redeemed on the website by using identification number in return of personal information and survey. -To track customers both on the Web and in the restaurants, which allows company to offer promotion based on user behavior. -To trace online visitors and track how they respond to certain promotions. -To have a better understanding of each customer.

-To take in account customers’ needs and question.
-To deliver services or product that satisfies customers.
-To interact with customers and analyze these interactions to maximize revenue/ profits and customer satisfaction
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