D1 for Business

Topics: Change, Tess Gaerthé Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Evaluate how an organisation has responded to changes in the Business environment

* Think about the Changes in the Business environment
* How has the Business reacted to these changes?
* What have they adapted?
* Provide evidence to support your points.

When things change, it creates stress and panic for all involved. Sometimes, people within a business environment need to spend more time on learning how to cope with the new situation to help manage all the changes. To make it more clear and understandable, we require more information to cover all these topics; it’s also much easier to put these entire questions into practice. In general, changes in the business environment take many forms and create new challenges. Changes in the business environment might be variable depends on the business and the country they’re in. for instance. The Barnet motoring shop as a successful company, which is located in borough of Barnet and offers a variety type of services to the customers has been come across all these problems which all cause by changes in the business world. * Customers' needs and requirements change. They look for new, better and cheaper products. * New technologies become established. These encourage new firms to enter the industry with better products and cheaper ways of doing things. * Employees' skills need revising to take advantage of new technologies. * New laws are passed that require changes in how businesses operate e.g. introduction of a minimum wage, restrictions in working hours and tougher health and safety requirements. * Banks and other investors start to lose interest in financing the industry. * Pressure groups start to take a greater interest in the industry's activities. There are 6 major stages that can easily be identified in a response to change. People will progress through them at different rates and the introduction of new change initiatives on the existing ones can actually force people to...
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