Cyp 3.7 Task 2.1

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The 5 Positive Outcomes from Every Child Matters 2003

TASK 2.2.1
Children and Young People attend and enjoy school. Achieve personal and social development and enjoy recreation. We Ensure children enjoy learning and achieve to their full potential, by allowing children to challenge, be creative, explore and problem solve. We ensure children have freedom of choice and follow their interests.

ACHIEVE ECONOMIC WELL BEING Children and Young People live in decent homes and sustainable communities, live in households free from low income, engage in further education, employment or training on leaving school. We ensure that children develop skills needed to experience an acceptable standard of living and reach their full potential. MAKE A POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION

Children and Young People engage in decision making and support the community and environment, engage in law-abiding behaviour/activity and promote positive behaviour in and out of school. They develop positive relationships and choose not to bully or discriminate. The ethos of our setting is one where the children feel valued and encouraged to explore their own identity and decision making.


The 5 positive outcomes for children and young people that practitioners should be striving to achieve under the framework of Every Child Matters. STAY SAFE
Children and Young People are safe from Maltreatment, neglect, violence and sexual exploitation. Children and Young People are safe from accidental injury and death, bullying and discrimination, have security, stability and be cared for. Families to provide safe homes and stability for children In our setting we protect children from accidents in school and outings. We also build awareness around bullying and discrimination.

Children and Young People are physically healthy, mentally and emotionally and live a Healthy lifestyle. We encourage children by educating on healthy diets and lifestyle by using...
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