Write a Description of the Duties and Responsibilities of Your Own Work Role

Topics: Day care, Childcare, The Child Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: December 17, 2011
1. Write a description of the duties and responsibilities of your own work role (Approx. 300 – 500 words)

I consider my role at the school like being a character in a play. An actor has to do and say the things that their audience would expect them to do and say. Being a professional early years worker means doing and saying what is expected from all those involved. However, as Kath Bulman stated in her book “BTEC First Early Years”, professionalism involves the ability to balance different people’s expectations. As an early year’s worker I must make sure that the environment is safe for children to be in. As stated by Penny Tassoni (2002), I must make sure that children’s environments are safe by carrying out checks and by being generally observant. All children have a basic right to build a positive future and this includes emotional, physical and mental health. Good emotional well-being and mental health will enable the child to build positive relationships, cope with the ups and downs of life, realize their own potential and have the opportunity to develop emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Building a good relationship with children, parents, adults and colleagues is very important, as it helps in creating a welcoming and pleasant environment in the setting. It helps to develop trust among parents and carers. Furthermore a child’s welfare is paramount, thus working in partnership with parents and communicating with them, will help in the overall development of the children. According to Bruce and Meggitt (2006) respect and effective communication are two of the main responsibilities of a child carer. Effective communication provides a means in establishing contact, influencing others and a way to build relationships. It is my duty as a carer to ensure that the children are provided with enough time and a proper space where effective communication can take place. I should identify each individual’s preferences and needs, and strive to...
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