Cyber Defense

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Cyber Defense
Patrick Komar
English 091
Baker College
Essay #1

Cyber Defense
I love working with computers. All my friends and family knows I like to spend a lot of time working with computers, which allows for a good challenge. The problem is it’s hard with work and kids to find time to play around on the computers. First of all getting time to spend time on the computer is a real challenge. I work 40-50 hours a week at the Fenton Post Office. It is a 30 min drive one way and when I finally arrive home, I am greeted by my wife and kids. Cyber defense as a wonderful field to go into because of the challenges of finding the criminals, It allows me to provide a better living for my family, and the ability to work shorter days and be able to spend time with my family, I will also be able to work from home which will help me to get some of the chores done so my wife doesn’t have to do them by herself. It will also allow me to work indoors since I have spent the last 20 years working outdoors. Some of the problems I have are getting on the computer, because I have two kids that like to play games, and listen to music on You Tube. When they are not playing games, they are on the computer doing homework. It seems most of the schools now are using computers so both of the kids need time to do their homework on the computer. I also need to spend time helping my wife with the household chores, which includes cooking, cleaning, and laundry. My wife also works 40-50 hours a week at the Fenton Post Office as a city carrier. So we both need to help one another, with all the necessities, so we can get done faster. We need to spend more quality with the kids. I am hopeful this job will let me work less so we can achieve this. I chose Cyber Defense so I could work less and make more money. So my wife could retire from work and spend my more time with our children and be able to stay home and take care of the household chores. When I return home we...
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