Network Security

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Firewall Quiz
1. A(n) hub____ is a standard network device for connecting multiple Ethernet devices together by using twisted-pair copper or fiber-optic cables in order to make them function as a single network segment. 2. A(n) Router____ is a network device that can forward packets across computer networks. 3. A(n) Proxy server____ is a computer or an application program that intercepts a user request from the internal secure network and then processes that request on behalf of the user. 4. True or False: The DMZ functions as a separate network that rests outside the secure network perimeter. True 5. How is an application layer firewall different from a packet filtering firewall? Why is an application layer firewall sometimes called a proxy server? Packet filtering firewalls examine header information of data packets and they enforce rules designed to prohibit packets with certain addresses or partial addresses. Application layer firewall 6. How is static filtering different from dynamic filtering of packets? Which is perceived to offer improved security? 7. What is stateful inspection? How is state information maintained during a network connection or transaction? 8. What is a circuit gateway, and how does it differ from the other forms of firewalls? 9. What special function does a cache server perform? Why is this useful for larger organizations? 10. Describe how the various types of firewalls interact with the network traffic at various levels of the OSI model. 11. What is a hybrid firewall?

12. List the five generations of firewall technology. Which generations are still in common use? 13. How does a commercial-grade firewall appliance differ from a commercial-grade firewall system? Why is this difference significant? 14. Explain the basic technology that makes residential/SOHO firewall appliances effective in protecting a local network. Why is this usually adequate for protection? 15. What key features point to the superiority of residential/SOHO firewall...
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