Cyber Security

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  • Published : November 22, 2010
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Checkpoint: Cyber Security

Checkpoint: Cyber Security
I have a multitude of passwords to memorize in an effort to maintain my privacy and security. It is unfortunate that cyber world users must constantly deploy measures to keep their personal information private. Before this class I was certainly aware of the potential dangers that could occur in cyberspace, prevention always has been my goal. I have security protection in place against attacks such as viruses, spam, malware, spyware, and adware and I ensure that the protection is up-to-date as it is essential part of prevention is to remain current. Other security measures an average user may do is to maintain their system is to allow Microsoft Windows to perform automatic updates. These updates can provide additional security measures to the system info structure. Running regular maintenance such as a system defragmentation will keep the system up-to-date and in proper order. The average user should also password protect their personal information. If the wireless network James used had been password protected James would not have had the opportunity to enter the network without first inputting the password.. I would feel violated to know that someone was using my wireless network without my authorization I would be horrified to know that individual was plundering through my private things. Securing a personal computer and a wireless network with a password is extremely important otherwise the system is open and vulnerable toward an attack. Furthermore, James was placing himself at risk by entering an unknown unsecured network. When I review the network settings on my wireless network I am able to view data, websites and activity going through my network. I enjoy this feature because I am able to see what my children are doing when they are online. I teach my boys how to protect themselves while online. In the future I plan to remain aware of any potential treats and I will review any...
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