Customer Service and United Booksellers

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Marshall Terry Customer Service Skills for Success
-Individual Work Week 2
1. Are there indicators of United Booksellers’ service culture? If so, what are they?
- Yes, there are indicators of United Booksellers’ service culture. The main one is that all the employees receive extensive customer service training before being allowed to interact with customers. This is important for the company because they have a reputation to uphold. They want their customers treat the right way all the time so they take further action to have the customer’s satisfaction. 2. If you were an employee, in what ways would you feel that you could contribute to the organizational culture?

-If I was an employee at United Booksellers I could contribute a lot. I am friendly and get along with just about anyone. I treat customers the way they are suppose to be treated. I make my job easy by following the rules set upon me. I can stock shelves, invite customers to shop and make their shopping with us comfortable and enjoyable. I would make the customer want to come back and shop with us on the regularly. 3. If you were a customer, what kind of service would you expect to receive at United Booksellers? Why?

-If I was a customer at Untied Booksellers I would expect a excellent service. I say that because of the way they run things. They put their employees though extensive customer service training so I think they have no reason to not have excellent customer services. I would want to be helped if I asked for it in a quick manner, just because that is the environment at United Booksellers.
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