customer satisfaction with respect to call centres of Airtel

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The term paper is a study of the customer satisfaction in Airtel with respect to the services provided by its call centres. This study is significant in the following respects: Bharti Airtel Limited, commonly known as Airtel, is an Indian multinational telecommunications Services Company headquartered at New Delhi, India which offers its telecom services under in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa and the Channel Islands. Airtel has GSM network in all countries in which it operates, providing 2G, 3G and 4G services depending upon the country of operation. It is the world's third largest mobile telecommunications company with over 261 million subscribers across 150 countries as of August 2012. It is the largest cellular service provider in India, with 190.91 million subscribers as of June 2013. Airtel is the largest provider of mobile telephony and second largest provider of fixed telephony in India, and is also a provider of broadband and subscription television services. OBJECTIVES

1. To identify the factors affecting customer satisfaction in Airtel. 2. To identify the services provided by the call centres of Airtel to increase customer satisfaction. 3. To find out the effects of these services on customers’ satisfaction level and the profits of the company.


Secondary data is collected through books, internet, newspaper articles and market reports and analysed. A questionnaire is prepared to find out effect of the services provided by call centres on the customers satisfaction. It has been filled by 10 people who have at some point of time used Airtel Services. A thorough analysis is done using this information and comparisons, recommendations and conclusions are drawn.


Satisfaction can be defined as a features or characteristics that can full the either a need or want of a consumer in better way than competitors. Although this satisfaction explained by different researchers in different ways. If a company provides a product according to the requirements of their consumers it will lead the satisfaction of those consumers. The higher or lower satisfaction of a consumer will depends upon the quality of brand characteristics that offered by a company. This is the consumer satisfaction which contributes for the future money making for a company. For the retention of consumer, it is important to satisfied consumers. The unsatisfied consumers of a company do not take time to switch that brand Low quality services can also lead dissatisfaction. A low quality service is such type of service which does not fulfill the requirements. However its all depends upon that which segments a company is targeting and what are their expectations for that product.

Customer satisfaction is a personal feeling of either pleasure or disappointment resulting from the evaluation of services provided by an organization to an individual in relation to expectations. Service providers frequently place a higher priority on customer satisfaction, because it has been seen as a prerequisite to customer retention. As a positive outcome of marketing activities, high customer satisfaction leads to repeat visitation to stores, repeat product purchases, and word-of-mouth promotion to friends, while low customer satisfaction has been associated with complaining behaviour. A satisfied...
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