Hutch, Spice and Airtel

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A Comparative Study Of Hutch, Spice and Airtel


Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OF BANGALORE UNIVERSITY

By SAJU RAGHAVAN Register Number: 05 MJCM 6039

Under the guidance of Prof. V.Chandrakala

2006 – 2007

A Comparative Study Of Hutch, Spice and Airtel EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the money oriented economy, communication plays a vital role. In order to stay ahead of competitors telecom service providers need to operate with low costs, offer efficient services to attract new customers. Several telecoms operates offer a variety of telecom services. Mobile telephones have become an integral part of the growth, success and efficiency of any business economy.

TITLE OF THE STUDY: The title of the study is ‘A comparative study of Hutch, Airtel and Spice with respect to student’s scheme”.

OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: Customers are attracted through competitively superior offering and retained through satisfaction. So, the main objective of this comparative study is to know how satisfaction and dissatisfaction level of the customers of Hutch, Airtel and Spice with respect to student’s scheme

SCOPE OF THE STUDY: The scope of the study is that the research is limited to only Gottigere area only

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: The research information have been collected through questionnaire. The sample size is taken as hundred and the questionnaire was distributed between them and the information was collected. The information collected is then tabulated, analyzed and then interpreted. Secondary data is also taken for the project from the internet for the purpose of the research.

FINDINGS: The main findings can be said as that Hutch is having the best market share

A Comparative Study Of Hutch, Spice and Airtel

among the students scheme. The problem faced by Airtel is its call charges. Spice scheme looks attractive but the accessibility is the problem

SUGGESTIONS: The main suggestions can be said that the Airtel should reduce its call charges so that it can get more market share. Hutch should improve its network so that it can maintain its market share. Spice too have to improve the network in order to gain its market share

A Comparative Study Of Hutch, Spice and Airtel

Chapter No. 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 General Introduction 1.2 Theoretical Background 2 DESIGN OF THE STUDY 2.1 Statement of the problem 2.2 Review of literature 2.3 Need of the study 2.4 Objectives of the study 2.5 Scope of the study 2.6 Methodology of study 2.7 Description of the research design 2.8 Sampling Procedure 2.9 Sources of data 2.10 Data collection technique 2.11 Plan of analysis 2.12 Limitation of the study 2.13 Overview of the report 2.14 Overview of the chapter scheme 3 COMPANY PROFILE 3.1 Industrial Background 3.2 Products and services 3.3 Facilities of the product 4 5 ANAYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA SUMMARY OF FINDINGS, RECOMMENDATION & CONCLUSION BIBLIOGRAPHY ANNEXURE Title

A Comparative Study Of Hutch, Spice and Airtel

Table No. Title


Analysis of market share


Analysis of the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of service provider


Analysis of the satisfaction level of service provider


Analysis of the satisfaction of service given by service provider


Analysis of the network busy of the service provider


Analysis of the service given by the customer care of service provider


Analysis of complaints due to dissatisfaction


Analysis of planning to change the connection


Analysis of the money value provided by the service provider


Analysis of the customer response towards the facilities given by the Hutch


Analysis of the customer response towards the facilities given by the Spice


Analysis of the customer response...
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