Customer Feasibility Paper

Topics: Household income in the United States, Target market, Target Pages: 7 (2041 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Our company will be an online retail store and our internet address will be The first three letters of our address will stand for Men's Outdoor clothing, which is the official name of our store. The catchy part of the address is that moc is com spelled backwards. We will only be selling clothes to men and young boys. We will have a variety of brands including Patagonia, Columbia, Mountain Hardwear, The North Face, and Kavu. We will be selling many different types of clothing garments such as shirts, pants, jackets, and shorts. Survey:

The survey was used to see who are customers are and their interests toward our company. The survey will help us gather data to see if our company will be feasible. The survey was set up to tell us where our potential customers were from, and which clothing brands they like the most. It was also used to figure out if the customers that submitted the survey would buy from the company a multiple of times.

The survey was created on and was sent out using two Facebook and Twitter accounts. The survey was also sent out through the website, we used to create the survey. We received 135 responses and from the data that was received, we believe that our company will be very feasible. The downfall to the survey is the small amount of responses we received back. This amount of responses we received will make it difficult to truly test the feasibility of our company. A positive to the survey is the fact that we received surveys from other locations besides Mississippi. We have several from Alaska, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, and Missouri and this will make it easier for us to figure out if we have possible customers located outside of Mississippi.

The survey consisted of twenty-one questions and covered many different aspects to each type of customer using our product. We asked questions to figure out what our customers were using our products for and be able to closely relate to their needs. The survey also covered their interests by asking questions like what type of websites they visited most frequently and where they hear about outdoor clothing products. They survey was used to figure out household incomes and how much a person usually spends on outdoor clothing annually. The survey also showed us if the person was married or single. •We asked certain demographic questions in the survey.

This question was used to figure out rather a person that is married or single spends more on outdoor clothing. Also if the age of a person makes a difference when it comes to a customer spending more or less money on our website. We asked questions such as their age and their annual household income. When we receive surveys through the website we used it will show us the state that the survey was submitted from. Due to the low number of state surveys, we are not going to be able to break it down to see if one state spends more on outdoor clothing than the other. Although, it will help us figure out rather or not we should spend more on advertising outside the state of Mississippi in the future of the company.

What time of the year do you usually buy outdoor clothing? This question was used to help plan for the future. It will show us when our peak season for buying outdoor clothing. It will also help us be able to stock for each of those seasons. •How often do you use cell phone apps and the internet?

The point of this question is to figure out what our customers mostly use and buy or browse our products. This question was used be able to fulfill the needs of our customers when they purchase our outdoor clothing. •Websites of interest you visit.

The question will be used to figure out the interest of our customers and be able to market our products to them through the websites they use the most. •What type of internet do you have at home?

The point of this question was to be able to figure out if most of our customers had easy access...
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