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Marketing Research – Kudler Fine Foods

Michael Bennett


March 18, 2013
R. Wayne Downing

Marketing Research – Kudler Fine Foods

This marketing research discussion regarding Kudler Fine Foods is designed to identify certain requirements for Kudler Fine Foods to support their marketing plan for 2014. Marketing research is an important aspect to consider when developing a marketing strategy and is discussed further. Research needs must be identified so a plan to execute the research is developed. Competitive intelligence must be gathered and analyzed to generate an effective marketing plan.

Marketing Research
Kudler Fine Foods has conducted market research in the past. The most recent survey was conducted in 2012. The survey was posted on the company website for random completion by random customer and viewers of the website. It is uncertain if the person completing the survey ever visited the store. This was not a scientific sample of customer opinion, but it gives Kudler Fine Foods somewhere to start when determining their research needs. Survey

This survey consisted of 9 questions regarding customer service representatives’ courtesy, customer satisfaction with store appearance and selection of products. Other factors such as store hour convenience and the appearance of the merchandise on the shelves was reviewed. According to a Kudler Fine Foods survey taken in 2012, the item disagreed with most frequently is, “The merchandise sold is a good value for the money.” ("Kudler Fine Foods", 2012). Apparently a majority of customers do not see the value of gourmet foods. Customers shop at the stores knowing they are a gourmet foods supplier, and must understand that gourmet foods are going to be more expensive, but that does not mean they consider it a good value for the price. Another key piece of information gathered on the survey was the response to the statement, “The customer service representatives were...
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