Case Study Philips, Cornelissen

Topics: Corporation, Multinational corporation, Public relations Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Questions for reflection
1. Describe the vertical and horizontal structuring of corporate communication within Philips. What can you say about the effectiveness of these structures in the light of the company`s repositioning around sense and simplicity and its increased focus on managing its corporate reputation with different stakeholder groups? When it comes to the vertical corporate communications within Phillips, it comes down to the idea of Prast and colleagues selecting a communication model that fits and support the culture, strategy and configuration of Phillips with themes that serves as a common reference point as stated by Prast and an example is the ‘orchestration model.’ this is vertical because the decision comes from Prast office and it is shared across board, so it has a central function which makes it higher than the regional departments. The horizontal structure is the decentralized local communications departments which are made of teams and professionals in the local offices, which includes the human resource, finance and other important departments that engage with the stakeholders. Even though they have a common them message, they are autonomous and can find other ways to achieve the goals of central theme. When the corporate communication, is sentralized the effectiveness of the corporate reputation message will not be as effective as a desentralized, because stakeholders from different regions have different perceptions of ideology and behaviour.

2.To what extent do you think that process survey tools can be effectively used within corporate communication in other multinational corporations?
Are these tools applicable to any type of multinational or does their effectiveness depend on characteristics of the corporation, such as its size, strategy or culture? The process of survey tools can be very efficient, but the outcome can vary from company to company and also on how it is been used. In Philips case the survey tools was to...
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